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Restoring Hormonal Balances

Re-connecting with our unique cyclical rhythms 

Image by Vladimir Fedotov
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Individuals experiencing severe PMS symptoms often harbor feelings of repression, suppression, and carry deep emotional wounds within their womb. Common issues such as infertility, hormonal imbalances, menstrual discomfort, breast tumors, endometriosis, vaginal infections, and more commonly arise during a woman's fertile years. These challenges can often be linked back to childhood traumas, fears, unresolved anger, and resentment stored within the reproductive organs. These accumulated pains and suppressed emotions frequently serve as the underlying triggers for various physical ailments. Moreover, the escalating presence of toxins in our environment and food further exacerbates these imbalances.


 Our physical and mental well-being are intertwined; every aspect of our body functions in harmony, and when one element is disturbed, it sets off a chain reaction to restore equilibrium. It falls upon us to provide our body and mind with the necessary support to regain balance when it's disrupted. The holistic health of our bodies and minds hinges on proper nourishment, encompassing what we ingest, apply externally, eliminate, entertain in our thoughts, and who we interact with.


Understanding the critical role of a healthy gastrointestinal tract in facilitating digestion, elimination, detoxification, and sex hormone regulation emphasizes the individualized nature of women's dietary requirements, negating the existence of a one-size-fits-all eating plan. The cyclical and interconnected nature of women's bodies shouldn't be a source of distress but rather an opportunity for empowerment.


Historically limited education and disempowerment have impeded women's advocacy for their own health. If you've endured prolonged struggles with hormonal imbalances and resultant discomfort, this platform offers guidance on attuning to your body's signals, addressing hormonal imbalances, and harnessing the innate power of the womb.


Our encounters with menstruation and pregnancy serve as fleeting reminders of the womb's existence. Yet, we overlook these instances as invitations to delve deeper into its depths and tap into its ancient wisdom. Menstruation, specifically, beckons us to turn inward and heed the insights harbored within the core of our womb. We adopt a stance of observance, urged to plunge into profound introspection. It is a juncture where we confront the raw, unbridled facets of ourselves — our vulnerability and emotional transparency laid bare, awaiting liberation. This period also unveils our impatience and inclination to withdraw, confronting us with our inner shadows. 


Yet, in our contemporary world, we've normalized the act of blocking, averting our gaze, distracting ourselves, and resorting to medications to numb both physical pain and emotional turmoil in order to maintain productivity. We've forged a toxic relationship with our menstrual cycles, deeming them a hindrance to our hyper-productive lifestyles. This mindset, entrenched by a predominantly male-dominated society, has materialized in a surge of reproductive system disorders and ailments among women.


When a woman gains a comprehensive understanding of the intricate workings of her body and mind during these cyclical phases, she can strive for healthy and balanced methods to express her truth, shed tears, and assert her personal boundaries. Armed with awareness of her own rhythms, she can identify the days of heightened hormonal activity within the month and harness the potency of these moments, rather than being subject to their sway.


As women, we have become disconnected from our inherent feminine power. To reclaim our health and innate strength, we must first prioritize the nurturing of our sacred gift, the womb, which defines our uniqueness. Our wombs serve a profound purpose beyond mere reproduction; they are the vessels of our life force, storing and ultimately releasing emotions for healing.

Within this platform, we offer an array of tools to aid in understanding how to provide our bodies with the nourishment required to restore balance during hormonal fluctuations, while emphasizing the significance of embracing flow. We delve into the comprehension of our moon cycles, hormonal transitions, and techniques for attuning to the wisdom emanating from our wombs. Our focus lies in reverting to the healing properties of functional foods, herbs, and comprehending the transformations occurring within our vessels.

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Services Offered

Initial Consultation

~120 min | 200.00 USD

  • Exploration of existing dietary habits, stress coping mechanisms, sleep patterns, etc.

  • Personalized Nourishment Plan

  • Dietary & herbal guidance for managing health conditions and/or enhancing prevention

  • Non-judgmental environment for open dialogue, personal narratives, and self-connection

  • Education provided on topics discussed

  • Additional services tailored to individual needs and preferences

Follow-up Consultation

~60 min | 75.00 USD

  • Assessment of accomplishments and obstacles encountered in the nourishment plan

  • Utilization of mindfulness and grounding exercises to foster holistic well-being

  • Adaptation of initial Personalized NourishmentRecommendations

  • Examination of recent lab results, examinations, medical alterations, etc.

  • Suggested rituals & education regarding the menstrual cycle. 

  • Education provided on topics discussed

  • Additional provisions aligned with your individual healing pathway

Please don't hesitate to reach out to inquire about the current rates for any of the services listed. I offer a limited number of reduced-fee slots in my practice, specifically for individuals facing economic challenges, especially those from historically marginalized communities. I am committed to making my services affordable and accessible to everyone in our community, regardless of their financial circumstances, to ensure profound healing is within reach for all.

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