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Stacey M Constante RN BSN MSCN

Registered Nurse | Clinical Nutritionist | Women's Holistic Hormone Practitioner 

Stacey, a mestiza, first in her family to be born in the U.S, with roots exclusively originating from Ecuador.

Having spent 8 years as a nurse, she became keenly aware of the limitations of conventional medicine, particularly with women's health.

This insight, combined with her personal healing journey of emotional ailment & diagnosis of endometriosis—a reproductive condition —led her to immerse herself in the teachings of indigenous and mestizo wisdom keepers across the Americas. She began to re-establish her connection with the Earth, her ancestors, sacred plant medicines, and the inherent healing energy within.

With the support and wisdom passed down from her matriarchal lineage, coupled with her intitiation into motherhood, she gained a profound understanding and reverence for the sacredness of the womb in all women.

She commits herself to serving others in any way possible within her capabilities and a path of lifelong learning. Today, she is the Founder of The Nourished Goddess and Ancestral Womb Wisdom, merging modern and ancestral medicine to guide women in restoring balance while honoring their cyclical rhythms. Stacey advocates for traditional nutrition and indigenous wisdom to break the illusion of modern medicine and inspire self-healing.

Natural Herbs
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Green Leaves


The Nourished Goddess arose from a deep-seated desire bring empowerment and equilibrium with all women. Here, our focus lies in delving into the root causes of imbalances within the body, mind, and spirit, while also recognizing the interconnectedness with food, community, movement, and herbal remedies. We support you through regaining understanding of the menstrual cycles, learning to work with hormonal shifts, and dismantling the stigma associated with menstruation.

Unlike conventional medicine, which often isolates individual body parts and neglects the soul or spirit, The Nourished Goddess was created to guide women in restoring harmony within their entire being.


When imbalance manifests in one aspect of our existence, it reverberates throughout, prompting a cascade of adjustments. Ignoring the body's signals—such as pain—can lead to internal turmoil.

Together we rediscover the healing properties of the earth's medicines, purging toxins from our body, mind, and soul. By cleansing our temple, we pave the way for true nourishment and optimal health.

Each of us possesses the innate ability to overcome any "dis-ease," provided we supply our bodies with the proper nourishment and resources for reestablishing equilibrium.


The Nourished Goddess transcends the confines of conventional nutrition or life coaching services, offering a fusion of diverse healing modalities as well as respecting women's hormonal cycles. Tailored to meet you wherever you are on your journey, we equip you with practical tools for gradual lifestyle shifts. Moreover, our community provides a safe haven for sharing both struggles and triumphs. We operate with transparency, collaborating with a spectrum of healing professionals, ceremonialists, and other practitioners when deemed beneficial.


By turning inward for healing, we not only transform ourselves but also impart invaluable wisdom to future generations.

Herbs and Flowers


Our mission is to guide all women in nurturing their vessels and bring back equilibrium by reconnecting with all aspects of ourselves, nurturing our bodies, and revisiting the healing practices of our ancestors to break free from detrimental intergenerational cycles. We are dedicated to integrating modern medical understanding with ancient traditional healing methods, empowering women to take charge of their lives, dismantling the taboo surrounding menstruation, embracing our innate rhythms, rekindling our bond with the earth, and delving into profound layers of healing.

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