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Ancestral Plant Medicine Integration

In recent years, there's been a surge in people seeking healing through sacred plant medicines. However, many require ongoing support, especially after ceremonies. Integration, crucial for applying insights into daily life, often begins post-ceremony. These journeys can uncover buried traumas, possibly triggering painful memories. Without awareness and guidance, individuals may feel isolated and unsupported.

Integration encompasses the assimilation of insights, messages, visions, and tools from ceremony into daily life, fostering profound shifts in our everyday existence. It ensures the healing process remains dynamic rather than stagnating within us.

Our integration sessions provide a holistic, non-judgmental environment where you're supported in embodying your unique insights. This involves transforming sacred plant medicine revelations into tangible reality through new thought patterns, behaviors, and responses to challenges.

Sacred plant medicines such as Ayahuasca, Huachuma (San Pedro), Peyote, etc., confront realities typically avoided in life. However, with guidance and awareness, individuals can use ceremony tools for profound healing, leading to liberation and rediscovery of authentic selves.


​By actively integrating the teachings from our plant medicine experiences, we embrace all facets of ourselves. We adopt a fresh outlook on life, gaining a new perspective that recognizes learning and growth from mistakes. Through forgiveness and self-compassion, we accept ourselves fully with an open heart, extending the same empathy to others as we recognize our shared humanity.


To discover safe and transformative sacred plant medicine ceremonies, sanctuaries, and retreats, I provide recommendations based on my personal experiences and connections with trusted centers. As the popularity of these medicines grows, it's crucial to select centers that prioritize safety and integrity in their practices.

Integration Session Rates

Please contact us to confirm current session pricing for any of my services listed. I reserve a limited number of reduced fee slots in my practice for those with limited economic circumstances, and particularly for individuals from historically underserved populations. I will make every effort to accommodate your financial need so these services can be affordable & accessible to our community from all walks of life in search of profound healing.

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