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Nourishing Medicine

Traditional Foods & Herbal Healing

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Throughout history, food has served as one of the earliest forms of medicine and a cornerstone of health practices across cultures for centuries. Unfortunalty, this concept is relatively new to the modern world.

Western medicine primarily focuses on treating diseases and conditions once they manifest, lacking emphasis on preventative measures. Moreover, conventional approaches often rely on synthetic medications as a quick-fix solution, offering only temporary relief. These treatments tend to mask symptoms rather than address underlying causes, serving as temporary bandages rather than long-term remedies.


Furthermore, Western medicine typically views the body as separate components, overlooking the interconnectedness of the body and mind. Additionally, it frequently neglects to acknowledge the spiritual aspect of individual.

Our body possesses inherent wisdom and communicates with us through various symptoms, such as pain, which serve as signals of distress. Suppressing these signals with bandaid methods merely silences the body's cries for help, rather than addressing the underlying issues. Over time, untreated problems often escalate and manifest in different areas, ultimately compromising our overall well-being. Ignoring these issues does us a disservice

The simplest and most ancient method of preventing and healing illness, disease, and conditions lies in returning to the natural remedies offered by the earth. These include nourishing foods, herbal remedies, mindful movement, conscious breathing, and supportive communities. This doesn't necessitate strict regimens but rather encourages us to reconnect with the natural rhythms of life. For instance, food should be savored and enjoyed in a way that nurtures our entire being rather than adding to the nutrient deficiency the body is already experiencing.

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Services Offered

Initial Consultation

~120 min | 200.00 USD

  • Exploration of existing dietary habits, stress coping mechanisms, sleep patterns, etc.

  • Tailored Nutrition Plan/Counseling

  • Customized nourishment strategies and suggestions

  • Dietary guidance for managing health conditions and/or enhancing prevention

  • Non-judgmental environment for open dialogue, personal narratives, and self-connection

  • Additional services tailored to individual needs and preferences

Follow-up Consultation

~60 min | 75.00 USD

  • Assessment of accomplishments and obstacles encountered in the nourishment plan

  • Utilization of mindfulness and grounding exercises to foster holistic well-being

  • Adaptation of initial Personalized Nourishment Plan/Recommendations

  • Examination of recent lab results, examinations, medical alterations, etc.

  • Provision of supplement and herbal suggestions tailored to your circumstances

  • Additional provisions aligned with your individual healing pathway

Please don't hesitate to reach out to inquire about the current rates for any of the services listed. I offer a limited number of reduced-fee slots in my practice, specifically for individuals facing economic challenges, especially those from historically marginalized communities. I am committed to making my services affordable and accessible to everyone in our community, regardless of their financial circumstances, to ensure profound healing is within reach for all.

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